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The media is making the Trayvon Martin case about race, when really its just about another black kid attacking someone. I find it funny how people call it ‘murder’ when actually the watch guard was acting in self-defense.

--My white male history teacher

Trayvon Martin in my history teacher's eyes

  • Him:
    But the thing is, we don't really know all the facts with that. So we can't really say whether it was racism or not.
  • Me:
  • Him:
    I mean, have you actually seen the community?
  • Me:
    No, but I read that it was 57% white.
  • Him:
    Yeah, Mhmm, that's where it get tricky. It's a mixed community, so you don't know who's supposed to be there and who isn't.
  • Him:
    And it's gated. So who do you let in the gates?
  • Him:
    If it was an affluent community, this wouldn't even be an issue, a black kid wouldn't be allowed to be there.
  • Him:
    But because its mixed we're having all these issues.
  • Him:
    And that's where it get difficult for the guy on neighborhood watch. How is he supposed to figure out who's a criminal and who's not?