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All Art is Quite Useless: thediscreetcharmoftheproletariat: It’s quite brilliant how the...


It’s quite brilliant how the patriarchy pits women against each other in order to distract them from identifying their real oppressors

I see it in soooo many women, policing each others behaviours and shaming and stigmatizing other women for not performing…

Data from the new study show, for example, that women make up a majority of the gay and transgender population, and people of color are more likely to identify as gay or transgender than whites. Gay and transgender women, and especially women of color, are also more likely to be raising children than their male counterparts. These data suggests that the “typical” gay and transgender family is likely battling sex and race discrimination in addition to the economic barriers unique to gay and transgender Americans. In other words, achieving social equality and economic security for these families cannot be accomplished by achieving only gay and transgender equality.


New Data Demonstrate the Unique Needs of Gay and Transgender Families | Center for American Progress


And of course, isn’t that new show ‘the new normal’ about two white cis gay men? hmph. 

(via biyuti)

I kept beating the drum on this when people were painting DADT as a “white gay male” issue when black lesbians and bisexual women were the ones disproportionately being discharged under the policy. QWOC (esp. black) families are more likely to be in poverty too. Nobody seems to want to address that. Every issue impacting queer people, even the ones people think are a waste of time or w/e impact QPOC that much worse due to intersectional concerns.

(via undeadbishoujo)

When Stuyvesant says that women’s dress and bodies are distraction in a learning environment, for example, what they’re really saying is that they’re distracting to male students. The default student we are concerned about - the student whose learning we want to ensure is protected - is male. Never mind how “distracting” it is to be pulled from class, humiliated, and made to change outfits - publicly degrading young women is small price to pay to make sure that a boy doesn’t have to suffer through the momentary distraction of glancing at a girl’s legs. When this dentist in Iowa can fire his assistant for turning him on - even though she’s done absolutely nothing wrong - the message again is that it’s men’s ability to work that’s important.

And when rape victims are blamed for the crime committed against them, the message is the same: This is something that happened to the perpetrator, who was driven to assault by a skirt, or a date, or the oh-so-sexy invitation of being passed out drunk. Women have infringed on their right to exist without being turned on. (Ta-Nehisi Coates describes this centering of male sexual vulnerability quite well.) Our very presence is a disruption of the male status quo.

--From my latest at The Nation, “Asking For It” (via jessicavalenti)

(Source: jessicavalenti)

Walter-Bailey and Goodman found that the girls most likely to be labeled as sluts are those who “act too casual and/or flaunt their sexuality” as well as those who “flirt too heavily, blossom too early, or dress too scantily.” But here’s the problem in a hypersexualized society: conforming to the mainstream norms means girls and young women have to engage in the very behaviors that get them labeled a slut. This is what feminist philosopher Marilyn Frye calls the classic double bind of the oppressed, in that they are faced with “situations in which options are reduced to a very few and all of them expose one to penalty, censure or deprivation.”

--Gail Dines, Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality (via wretchedoftheearth)

great! ...where are we going?: 6 Ways to Talk to Your Son About Male Violence and Healthy Masculinity



6 Ways to Talk to Your Son About Male Violence and Healthy Masculinity

Boys as young as 4 year old are told to “be a man!”, usually in response to them crying or showing fear.

And as they grow up, they’re bombarded with messages that say…

(Source: queeringmisogyny)

all shall fear me and despair: galesofnovember: la-gaudiere: lochteselfcare: dammitshannon: ”not like...





”not like most girls” x ”nice guys” otp

yo but like why are we shipping girls with internalized misogyny issues with guys who are rapey and entitled to women’s bodies?

maybe i’m a curmudgeon but “not like…

(Source: dongswanson)

Not being racist is not some default starting position. You don’t simply get to say you’re not a racist; not being racist — or a sexist or a homophobe — is a constant, arduous process of unlearning, of being uncomfortable, of eating crow and being humbled and re-evaluating. It’s probably hard to start that process if you’ve been told that every thought you have is golden and should be given voice, and that people who are offended by what you say are hypersensitive simpletons.

--PostBourgie (via thisiswhiteprivilege, meow-sense) (via the90sfreak) (via strugglingtobeheard) (via queernonywolf) (via sanityscraps)

Men are always asking me “why is feminism still important?” and “why should I care about feminism?”


I can’t answer that for you. Go out and learn it.

Go into the city with a female friend. Walk 20 feet behind her and listen.

Make an account on a social site. Use a female name and photo. Post something, anything.

Go to a Take Back The Night march. Listen to the survivors speak out afterwards.

Set a timer on your phone or watch for two minutes. When the alarm goes off, another woman in the United States has been sexually assaulted.

Make an account on a dating site as a woman. Check your messages.

Take a walk through a toy store. Look at which toys are “meant” for boys and which are “meant” for girls.

Hang out with six of your female friends. Statistically, one of them has been raped. The chance that her rapist served any jail time for it is 3%.

Watch a movie. Almost any movie will do. Who’s the hero? Who gets saved? Who speaks the most?

Listen to other guys insult each other when they REALLY want to put each other down. “Pussy.” “Bitch.” “Sissy.” The worst thing for a man to be is like a woman.

But most importantly, read. Read bell hooks, read Jessica Valenti, read Amanda Marcotte, read Gail Collins, read Julia Serano. Read blogs and essays. Read literature written by women. I bet they didn’t assign you much of that in high school English class.

If I had unlimited time and energy to debate with you and patiently explain Why You Should Care About Feminism and counter each of your points with all the books and articles I’ve read, believe me, I would. But I don’t.

So go out and learn.

(Source: brutereason)

If men can talk about drinking in every awesome rock ‘n’ roll song and every awesome rap song, why can’t a woman? Just because I drink doesn’t mean I’m a drunk. Just because I have sex, and I’m not embarrassed doesn’t mean I’m a whore.

If men can do it, why can’t a woman do it? I really feel one of my main reasons for being on this earth is to level out the playing field just a little bit.

--Ke$ha on sexism in pop music  (via myhorancanpiercethesky)

(Source: severability)

In the U.S., where ninety-six percent of the reported perpetrators of rape are white, eighty percent of the men in prison for rape are black.

--Joseph Weinberg & Michael Biernbaum, Conversations of Consent: Sexual Intimacy without Sexual Assault (via cocknbull)

(Source: creatorbreakdown)