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Time Magazine and Sexist Bastards

"Muthoni Wambu, the lead trainer at Emily’s List, sat me down and started yelling at me. "What can you offer to voters?!" she asked, in a way that made me understand that the answer was not "A penis!" She gave me a PowerPoint presentation called "Ready to Run," in which she told me I had to get a box and fill that box with my voting record, published works, financial statements, credit reports and doctor’s bills. My box, she said, will help me and my staff know how my opposition might attack me. Women are able to make anything, even running for office, just like scrapbooking.

Next, I met Mary Jane Volk, Emily’s List’s senior campaign-finance adviser, who was wearing some sort of clothing and probably has kids. Volk told me to find a place with a nice view because I’m going to spend five hours a day on the phone begging for money. I’ll dial 60 people per hour; 54 won’t answer, and three will immediately say no. Women run for office the same way they sell cosmetics.”

Read more:,9171,2109143,00.html#ixzz1pR7Vy5OA

In an article littered with pointlessly offensive sexist jokes that surprised a grand total of no one, ‘columnist’ Joel Stein again made an ass of himself in his ‘Running Like a Girl’ column in Time magazine. There’s a line between sarcasm and sexism; he has yet to figure that this kind of bullshit is not funny. Of course, Stein has a history of being a raging dumbass, shown here and here